Excitement is in the air! Momentum is building! We experienced a tremendous move of God in our Prayer Conference, District and Local Church leadership training is ongoing, the Men’s Man Up Challenge is in preparation, Camp meeting planning is underway, and Youth Camp is going to be phenomenal. All of this is fulfilling Mississippi’s Vision to SERVE and empower the people of Mississippi to connect with their purpose. The continued Mission is to develop Spiritually Healthy churches that experience community, resource leaders, empower believers by visualizing their potential and growing the local church for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Word of God records there are fixed laws in heaven and on earth (Jer. 33:25). This means there are fixed laws that God has set up that apply to us all. One such law is the law of gravity. Another law is the laws of motion. The law of motion tells us an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. In church language, churches that are stagnant tend to stay stagnant and churches moving forward tend to continue moving forward. One fact of the law of motion is that it takes less force to keep a moving object in a state of motion than the force required to move an object at rest. Our desire in the State Office is to assist each church in developing the ability to grow. An important aspect of the law of motion is the law of MOMENTUM.

Momentum is a commonly used term in sports. A team that has the momentum is on the move and is going to take some effort to stop. We have all heard the sports announcer say, “Going into the half-time, the Mississippi State Bulldogs have the momentum” The headlines declare “Ole Miss is Gaining Momentum.” The coach pumps up his team saying, “You have the momentum; so use that momentum and bury them in this last quarter.” Momentum is also a physics term; it refers to a “mass in motion.” It is the progress or development of a mass that is becoming faster or stronger.

While momentum may be terms used in sports and physics, I declare to you it can, and should be, a spiritual reality. God believes in the power of momentum. Romans 1:20 reveals how God has established the natural to teach us His divine qualities. The Bible uses the words, “going from victory to victory, from strength to strength, from glory to glory, from faith to faith.” This is momentum. A forward movement!

We are MOVING MISSISSIPPI FORWARD. As PASTOR OF THIS STATE, I am speaking over you, and the churches of MS, “Momentum is here… You are going to burst forth, you will go forward and take possession of everything that God has for you.”

Momentum is a moving force that overcomes resistance. Some of you will receive a move of God over you are giving you the power to steam roll over the enemy forces that are holding you back from your victory. Momentum speeds up progress and propels you forward in a way best described in the Amplified Bible’s definition of the word ‘blessed’: “Blessed, happy, fortunate, and to be envied!” That which seems impossible is only a bump in the road of what God has in store for you.

Momentum is contagious. Like a magnet, momentum will attract and pull even greater momentum towards itself. People are drawn toward momentum. They may have to line up, sit on the floor, or wait for hours, but they are glad to be part of something that is “happening.” God will send you people to fulfill the vision He has placed in your heart and spirit.

Finally, Momentum Brings Impact. The greater the momentum of a thing, the greater the impact it will have once it reaches its destination. If the Lord’s people are to have an IMPACT upon our cities and nation, we must be a people who understand and operate in MOMENTUM.

One of the best examples I can give concerning impact and momentum is that of a hurricane. A hurricane starts as a small storm hundreds of miles offshore in the ocean. As the storm approaches land, it picks up momentum. By the time it reaches land it has enough momentum to destroy everything in its path. The impact the storm has, is a result of the increased momentum it picked up over hundreds of miles. What starts off as a small storm ends up as a killer hurricane.

This is also true of revivals and moves of God. A move of God is sometimes typified by wind. It is the moving of the winds of the Spirit. They usually start with a small group of people and pick up momentum. The result can be millions swept into the kingdom of God over a period of time. The Lord desires to give you momentum.

MY PRAYER is, “Lord sweep over us with Your incredible power of MOMENTUM and let us
become the spiritual hurricane impacting this great state for Your glory!”