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Orphan Run 4 Hope

Orphan Run 4 Hope

ORPHAN RUN 4 HOPE PROJECT helps people do extraordinary things by participating in a 5K Fun Runs to benefit Orphan Children around the World. It is a bridge connecting Churches to Orphans & Orphanages that truly need our help.
Every day, orphan children around the world are at risk of survival because of extreme poverty, disease, sex trafficking, and child slave labor.
1.5M die every year from hunger and a large percent are Orphans. 400K are sold across international borders each year. 8M are believed to be trapped in some form of Child Labor Slavery.
Orphans around the world need your help! Without adults to speak on their behalf, Orphans are exceptionally vulnerable. Without Adult supervision or proper medical care, Orphans fall victim to hunger, disease and ailments, that otherwise could be cured with simple treatments.
FACT: In many areas of the world, Orphanages provide the Best and Last line of defense against these realities in third world countries. But many existing Orphanages are financially struggling.
You can make a Significant Difference in the life of an Orphan! You have the ability with God’s help to rescue and provide a safe, Christian upbringing for Orphan Children. HOW? By taking this simple Challenge… Participating in a Charity 5k Fun Run where you invite your friends, co-workers, and relatives to donate to HELP YOU Make a Significant Impact – in 50 Orphanages in 27 Countries around the World. This is facilitated through our relationships with “YWEA“, “Serving Orphans Worldwide” and “Church of God World Missions“.
Every $20 donated feeds an Orphan Child for an entire month! I am asking that each person participating to raise money for at least 1-year supply of food ($240) for an Orphan Child. Any amount you can give would be a blessing to Orphans around the World!


We have three 5K Fun Runs coming this Spring across Mississippi:
Northern: March 16 at 9:00am at Tanglefoot Trail in Houston
Central: May 4 at 9:00am at Walnut Grove Fitness Trail in Walnut Grove
Southern: May 4 at 8:00am at the Long Leaf Trace in Hattiesburg
There is no cost for registering – but we need you to sign up. Please see the links below to get started.


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