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Mississippi COG Ministerial Development

Welcome to the Mississippi Church of God Ministerial Development website portal! Whether you are a passionate individual seeking credentials or exploring a deeper calling within the Church of God (Cleveland TN), you have come to the right place. Our portal is a gateway to invaluable resources, guidance, and support on your journey to becoming a minister. Discover comprehensive information, empowering you to navigate the steps necessary to obtain credentials, gain knowledge, and cultivate your spiritual leadership.

Embrace this opportunity to join a vibrant and diverse community committed to spreading the love and teachings of God. Let us walk alongside you as you embark on this transformative path of ministry. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others, fulfilling the divine purpose within each of us.

“Fullfilling the Great Commission”


The Ministerial Development Department is here to assist in your personal ministry development. Follow the modules below to see information on training opportunities. For forms and information please contact the state office.

Mississippi Credentialing Information

Credentialed Ministries

The Church of God has a well founded credentialing process for ministers, worship leaders, childrens ministers and lay leaders. Programs range from full time student at Lee University all the way to local weekend classes that are designed to fit a working schedule.

Lay Leadership mobilize

Lay Leadership

At Mississippi Church of God, we believe in empowering lay leaders to make a difference in our community. Whether you have a passion for serving others or a desire to grow in your spiritual journey, the COG MOBILIZE program offers comprehensive training and support.

Mississippi Church of God Calling and Ministries Studies


Whether you’re seeking credentials or a deeper understanding of your calling, our CAMS program is here for you! Calling and Ministries Studies is the first step. Let us walk alongside you on this transformative path of ministry, making a lasting impact and fulfilling the Great Commission.

Mississippi COG MIP Program


 Ministerial Internship Program provides  candadites preparation by practical training on the local-church level, combined with academic self-study and monthly training seminars, focusing spiritual leadership and ministerial effectiveness. MIP is a requirement to advance to ordained level.

University Degrees

Looking to advance your education? Look no further than Lee University degrees offered by the Church of God. Whether you’re a pastor or layity, our full-time study opportunities can help you accomplish your higher education goals. Take the next step in your academic journey.

School of Ministry

The Church of God School of Ministry is an educational initiative designed to support ministers and laity who seeking credit courses or personal growth. Our CIMS program offers a diverse range of courses to help you enhance your ministry skills and deepen your impact.

“How do I get minster license?”

Credentialing Process

The steps for seeking license in the Church of God are as follows. First, the candidate meets with pastor then the Pastor sets a meeting with the District Overseer and Pastor. The candadite must have a local church endorsement and two letters of reference.

Next, submit application for *CMS/Licensed Minister ( or Minister of Music or Christian Education).

The first program CAMS (Calling and Minstry Studies) is a six month program. At the end of the program, test will be given for Exhorter minster license.

If candidate proceeds in minsterial development, submit Ordained Minister and MIP Application to State Office. Then an 8 month MIP program is completed. At the end of MIP, the Ordained Minster test is given

After 5 years of active service, Bishops license can be pursued.

Levels of Ministry

  • Minister of Christian Education
  • Ordained Minister
  • Minister of Music
  • Ordained Bishop
  • Exhorter