The credentialing of a Church of God minister is a ministry formation process. It always begins at the local church level, and the applicant for ministry must be affirmed (“set forth”) by a local church with the approval and support of the pastor. In this process, the church partners with the individual in order to help the individual develop the abilities to fulfill his/her divine call and place of ministry. This developmental journey occurs through personal discovery, education, training, and becoming a credentialed minister in the Church of God. All New Minister Applications including Background check must be requested from the State Office by the pastor of the local church. This application must be completed and approved prior to enrolling in CAMS.


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For assistance or questions please contact the Credentials/Ministry Development Secretary at 601-372-2714 or Email

The purpose of the Calling and Ministry Studies (CAMS) is twofold: (1) to help the applicant determine his/her calling and understand the meaning and practices of ministry and (2) to help the church assess the applicant’s suitability for credentialed ministry in the Church of God. Each applicant for credentials must complete CAMS unless exempted in writing by the Ministerial Development Office in Cleveland.

There are two sections to CAMS – seminars and individual study. The seminars are attended by both the applicants and spouses. The goals of the three seminars are:

-To identify how an individual knows he/she has a divine call.
-To explain what the meaning and practices of ministry are.
-To assist the applicant in determining what his/her divine call is and in understanding what ministry is.

The applicant completes three Certificates in Ministerial Studies (CIMS) courses:

-Knowing Your Church
-Learning the Practices of Ministry
-Understanding Yourself and Others

The Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) is mandated by the General Assembly of the Church of God as a requirement for all Exhorters before advancing to the rank of Ordained Minister. The purpose of the MIP is to “more adequately insure the formation of proper ministerial attitudes, and to offer a structured approach to practical ministerial training.” It is a nine month program consisting of monthly seminars for both minister and spouse, individual study, and a ministry practicum under the mentorship of a supervising pastor to whom the intern is assigned.